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Girl, Bet on Yourself


I don’t even have to sing or write a blues song about how difficult and challenging life can be, you have your own story, so that’s not what we are here for. This book allows you to look at where you are in your life today and helps you to consider getting a life coach so you can move forward successfully. Ultimately the goal is to become the best version of yourself so you don’t have to look back on your life with regret and dreams that never manifested.

We have all at one time in our lives allowed life challenges to get in the way, I mean where we wanted to do something in life and we never did what we dreamed of doing. That was me. It was always something coming up stalling my dreams and vision, maybe a relationship, a husband, children, or even my own career. I was the one that said, I will wait until I’m married, or I will wait until the children finish college. It was always something. But here’s what I self discovered, time waits for no one and the best time will never come.

You and I have what it takes to win and the time is now! Listen closely, and the only way to listen closely is to read this aloud. You do not want to leave this world with your hopes and dreams inside of you! Imagine doing that…That’s a real thing!

It’s time to bet on yourself! That’s exactly what I did when I left my corporate job in the middle of a pandemic and an unsure economy. Businesses were all shutting down and the people that could work from home were now learning a new skill. They had to learn to work from home, and take care of their families at the same time.

Now, I don’t recommend that you quit your job, but start to take a look at what you are doing and why you aren’t moving forward.

During this journey, you will also discover that support is needed. When you want to turn your life around and move forward,support is the key! I’m not talking about support from your family, while that is 100% a benefit, it’s the outside professional support of a coach and a like- minded support group that can help you close the gaps with no strings attached versus the emotional feedback that may come from your relatives. Your Coach will partner with you and help you focus on your goals to success- no matter what you desire. It’s past time that you start putting a higher priority and focus on self- care and bet on yourself!

This 10 - Day Journal was written for women like you and me who dream about stepping into success, we journal about it, and sometimes cry about being successful in our own lane. It’s also for coaches, because every coach needs a coach. I made a concrete decision to put all other bets aside and I repositioned, and shifted the large amount of focus that I placed on everyone else and put laser focus and commitment on me. I gave myself a time period and although I’m a certified life coach, I hired a coach to ensure I stayed accountable and on task. You might think, how can you do the same? You may be thinking, that you have so much going on, how can I make this happen for me?

Yes, you have a lot going on and life is challenging, we all only have 24 hours in a day… Rachel Hollis once said, “ We all have the same 24 hours”. It’s what you do with the 24 that matters and a coach can help you formalize a plan to bet on yourself. There will never be the right time, absolutely never, bet on yourself.

Hiring a coach for any area of your life, especially the areas where you want to see positive progress, you must first take the first step, it’s action.

Don’t allow yourself to get analysis paralysis and overthink this. I know you do agree that in life, no matter where you are in your journey, if you want to be successful and accomplish your dreams, you need a coach. Every great CEO, Athlete, Marriage, Business Owner, Health Advocate or even Religious person you have heard about, all of them at one point invested in a coach. Don’t let people tell you that you don’t need a coach, they may only want you to stay at the same level you are for the rest of your life and that ultimately leads to regret. much regret.

Never walk this life without a Coach

Coach Jerretta

Day One

The Importance of having a Life Coach

A Life Coach is as simple as stated- A coach for a specific area of your life specializing to help you focus on a particular area of growth and development. I tell you, If you are not growing, you are not growing.

A life coach is a person that is hired to specifically help an individual maximize their potential, this is different from a Counselor. Life coaches help people get unstuck, there are several types of coaches such as: Business, Executive, Career, Spiritual, Relationships, and Health/Wellness. As you can see a coach type is available for every area of your life. Life coaches help you move to the next level in your life and become clearer with recommended actions and considerations to move forward.

Professional sessions are scheduled with a coach to help you determine what area in a person's life they would like to start with.

The process- First a meet and greet discovery session is scheduled to determine if the coach and the client’s relationship can align. You can also refer to this as a get to know the client session, these sessions are normally 15-30 minutes depending on the coach. As mentioned earlier, A Life Coach will provide alternatives and unbiased feedback to the client, helping design a roadmap to success. Life coaches specifically can fall into the area of the wellness category; they help clients examine goals and aspirations to live a better life.

Why do I Need a Coach?

Date: _______________



What Questions Do I have? ( What questions do you have for yourself or for your coach?)


What fears do I have? ( Be honest with yourself, if coaching is new to you, write down your fears)

Writing helps you to look at FEAR in its face, so you can prepare to demolish it! Let’s Go and Let Go!




Day Two

Bet on the Vision

Where there is no vision the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

(Proverbs 29:18 KJV). Also, Hellen Keller said, the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. This means you need a vision for your life in order to measure where you are going and to know if you have arrived.

I have often stated, how can I volunteer to follow anyone who does not have a vision? You might say what does this mean? It means that many times people get into relationships, take on new careers, and even make financial decisions based upon following someone without vision. It’s the quote we all know as “ The blind leading the blind”. Matthew 15:14 KJV

Let me break this down some more for you… I was once one of those people in a relationship with a guy who had no idea where we would be from one week to another, let alone 1-5 years in the future. Yikes! So it was inevitable that our marriage would fail- no vision, so within a few years our relationship perished resulting in divorce. We did not ever discuss vision, there were no plans written down and no signs indicating that each day would not be the same as the years before. I felt myself mentally dying daily. If you think about it, divorce used as a noun is … Di-vision. Interesting, huh?

Now that you understand where I’m coming from, have you ever been there before? If so, write a commitment to yourself as if you were writing a letter to yourself and include what you want your coach to help you with when it comes to mental blocks that might be impairing your vision and relationships that may be dividing or separating you from your vision.

Don’t worry if you can’t think of all of the mental blocks, that’s what your coach will help you do, they will also help you identify the blind spots by asking you a few questions that maybe you have never considered. You are an awesome person and you are more than enough, so don’t forget to include this piece in your letter :-) . Let’s Write an encouraging letter to ourselves.

Date: _______________



Day Three

Coaching Relationships have their benefits

A Coach relationship is far different than a relationship with your best friend or relatives as mentioned. You may very well have a family member that cares about you deeply or even a best friend that loves you sincerely. The risk here is oftentimes they may feel like they are telling you like it is” or “giving it to you straight out of love”, yes, they have really good intentions, however; there could be some judgement involved or even criticism that makes it difficult if not impossible to make sound decisions. Ultimately you need a successful outcome not an even taxing one.

The benefits of the coach’s relationship is critical to your progress. Whether you are changing careers, getting married, going through a divorce, having issues with work-life balance or even just trying to live a healthy lifestyle by losing weight and changing your eating lifestyle. Whatever your need for seeking advice from someone when it comes to impactful improvement, consider winning by hiring a life coach. Your coach will track accountability, be encouraging and supportive.

Someone once said that free advice can’t always be trusted. I’m not sure if I totally agree, but what I have seen is that when I invest in my development the results from the advice challenges me to be the best version of myself.

Here are a few characteristics and responsibilities to consider relative to your coach and client relationship.

  • The coach will conduct a discovery/intake session to help the client best understand what is offered and what isn’t

  • The coach and the client will determine if they are a good fit to work together based upon

    • Identify the idea lifestyle

    • Determine the commitment time to meet and the frequency

    • Will the client be willing to commit, be fully engaged, coachable, teachable and trainable

    • Determine if the need is Life Coaching or Counseling- If counseling is needed, refer your client to a counselor. Coaching is for development and future improvement steps, the purpose is to enhance productivity and performance

Write your thoughts? Am I willing to be coachable, teachable , trainable and committed? What does that look like for me?

Date: _______________



Day Four

7 Critical Steps to take action and move forward

  • Contact a coach and attend a discovery session

  • Be prepared to talk about your pain points and what success looks like for you

  • Don’t procrastinate, change loves speed so make a quick decision to invest in yourself

  • Invest- Find the resources and money to invest. Don’t waste money on impulse shopping and miss your development opportunity. Save for learning and earning

  • Attend sessions frequently- Do not cancel the sessions. Work with your employer or spouse if you must but Do Not Cancel. Manage your time and ask for support

  • Take copious notes and make the recommended change the same day

  • Document your change ( attitude, weight, love) What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed - Peter Drucker

Write your thoughts?

Date: _______________



Day Five

Do the work

Your coach will partner with you either one on one in a group setting. Group coaching saves time and all questions asked could benefit lots of clients at once by hearing someone else ask a question that you may not have considered. Or, you did consider it, but you did not ask the question.

Below are a few recommendations for working on yourself independently alongside the work of your coach.

Do the Work:

  1. Assess the area where you are not giving yourself a full chance

  2. Start surrounding yourself with like minded individuals, if you don’t have a like-minded community, create one

  3. Create a daily affirmation that you must commit to in order to get your mindset unstuck and reprogrammed to success

  4. Consciously reprogram your mind. This could include your thoughts about relationships, money, your job, your religion or any dominante thought you might have that doesn’t serve your highest good

  5. Journal for life- take notes on your progress and celebrate all of your wins

  6. Never stop learning, ask your coach for more information. After you have mastered one course, sign up for another one. Become a lifelong learner

  7. Take action and risk- as soon as an action offer for additional learning is provided, be ready to enroll, these opportunities may only be for a limited time only

  8. Look at the big picture, you may miss out on some fun now, but the pay off for betting on yourself and taking a leap is huge

  9. Plan your days, weeks , months and even the year. This is important and it holds you accountable for time management- you may not know all the details, but, get a calendar and start planning. Ex: I will have 10k in the bank by X day. I will meet with my coach by X day, I will lose 10 pounds by X day

10.Use some type of tracking tool to help you keep track of your success- daily , weekly and monthly. Share this to your coach and focus on smoothing out the challenge areas- You can do it!

Write your thoughts?

Date: _______________



  • Today, I make a decision to bet on myself and remove all blame from all others; My Job, Spouse, Partner, Education or Anything or Anyone I may have blamed in my past. I take full responsibility for shaping my future

  • I was made to win, and that’s what I’m going to do

  • I can and will easily learn the skill(s) that will make me better at what I do and I will make more money because now I have a new skill that the marketplace needs

  • I remove all fears

  • I remove all boundaries that has held me back in the past

  • My future is looking good

  • I am healthy and beautiful

  • I will live a long prosperous life

  • I’m a great leader

  • I’m surrounded by good friends and good fortune

  • Success doors are opening for me now

  • My income has increased by ______ % and I am so happy!

  • I now live in my dream home! It is________square feet, It has______ and ________ I manifested this home by ( date ________ )

  • All of my debt is paid in full

  • I now am helping my ____________ pay their bills

  • I am traveling all over the world, I just came back from__________ and am now headed to______________

  • Oh, I also work at my dream job_______________________

  • Life is good, My new relationship is one of a kind, I feel so good! I’m happy about this new relationship

  • Look at me, I have clients calling me daily for my services, blessings are overtaking me

  • Did I tell you that I have a clean bill of health? If I didn’t, Listen, I am soooooooo excited! My health is soooooooooooo good!

Write your thoughts? How do you feel after reading these affirmations? Read them daily. Ready them with emotions and belief. Emotions and Belief are the two elements that help your affirmations become a reality.

Date: _______________


Thank you for purchasing this book. Please send an email if you would like a discovery session with one of our life coaches.

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